Lucian is available

Male ~ Smoothcoat ~ 9 months

Limited AKC due to size

Friendly ~ Scissors bite ~ Structurally sound

Litter paper trained

Before Contacting Us Please
Read Our Purchase Terms

Raising chihuahuas is a hobby we thoroughly enjoy with our family. Any puppy or adult we decide to part with is given a written guarantee that they are in good health. Should there be any issues concerning one of our chihuahuas it will be written in our contract.

If at all possible our chihuahuas are spayed/neutered before leaving our home. Naturally if we feel a chihuahua is under the desired weight to be safely spade or neutered, we place them with a spay/neuter contract that states the new owner agrees and understands the penalty of an accidental breeding. Other stipulations worthy of mentioning before you contact us are listed below.

Our chihuahuas are health guaranteed and vet checked.

Our chihuahuas can never be re-registered with another registry.

Failure to honor our written contract will void all guarantees.

Pets sold at reduced prices are placed WITHOUT papers.

We DO NOT SHIP our chihuahuas; here or abroad.

We reserve the right of refusal in the sale of our
chihuahuas at anytime, for any reason.

For additional information and pictures of who is available
or coming available please email or call us at;
(931) T0YTEAM (809-8326)

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